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We are on duty 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to serve your electrical needs. We​ respond to emergency situations at any hour of the day or night.​
Our prices are competitive and affordable. Once we have diagnosed your electrical problem we will give you an upfront price for the total job. We offer a wide selection of promotions to save you money. We also offer a referral program which pays you for any referral you make.
All labor is warranted for lifetime All Parts supplied by Gone 77, excluding bulbs, are warranted for one year unless otherwise noted by the manufacturer.
We accept Visa, Master Card, American Express, Checks, and Cash.
Yes, in order to keep our rates affordable to our customers, we charge a minimal evaluation fee on every service call. The evaluation fee shall be applied to the final service cost.
We charge a minimal evaluation fee, which shall be applied to the final service cost, in order to protect ourselves against non-paying customers that take advantage of our services with no attention to do any service. Since all of our electricians are licensed contractors we need to make sure they are being dispatched to real customers that have real problems. The evaluation fee pays for an electrician to troubleshoot the problem in order to give you an upfront repair price. Since we get paid for our visit, we don’t look for “unnecessary repairs” that some companies “find” to excuse their high prices. If you have an electrical issue, and want to get a quick estimate, you may call us for a free rough cost estimate over the phone.
Our top-notch trained electricians are friendly, curious and eager to tackle any electrical issue you have. We back up our workmanship by our “CONSIDER IT FIXED!” limited lifetime warranty*, which warrants our workmanship to be done in good and workmanlike manner in accordance with accepted trade practices and the National Electrical Code. Warranty shall extend for the normal life of the installation. Your satisfaction with us is guaranteed.


Detectors start chirping when either of the following happens: 1. the battery that is in the smoke detector is dying, or 2. The smoke detector is dying. (This can happen in dusty conditions more such as having your home painted etc.) Our recommendations are the following is to have us replace your smoke detectors throughout your home with Smoke / carbon monoxide detectors with Lithium batteries installed. They should last a good 5 years. The average life span of smoke detectors is 5 years and it is recommended by manufacturers to replace them every 5 years. The national fire protection agency suggests every 10 years.

No. Fuses and circuit breakers cannot detect low-level arcs. Only AFCIs are specifically designed for that purpose.
Each type of surge protector focuses on a particular type of wiring: electrical, telephone or coaxial cable. There are two AC power surge protectors, allowing you protection regardless of the brand of load center in your home. Ask your USA Electric’s electrician what type of protection is right for you and your home.
Power loss may be caused by any unforeseen event that disconnects the power from your electrical system like energy shortage, a winter storm, or problem with a power line.
When too many appliances are plugged in or turned on in the circuit, you will experience an overload which makes the circuit breaker trip. Other reasons are faulty wiring or appliances that cause a short circuit.
A. power loss may be caused by a winter storm, an energy shortage, a summer brownout, a downed tree falling on a power line, an earthquake or any unforeseen event that cuts off the power to your electrical system.
You can install a backup power system, consisting of a generator connected to a switching panel. USA Electric installs all sizes of emergency home generator systems according to your home needs.

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